Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mint Green Wedding Ideas

The color mint green has been predicted to be the No.1 Wedding Trend of 2013.  Mint green was a prominent color on the runway this Spring, and has continued to be a popular color among vintage enthusiasts.  In the coming year, I’m sure that you’ll be seeing a lot of mint green bridesmaid dresses, wedding cakes, wedding invitations, and wedding tables. And here are some ideas for you.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Halloween Decorations Ideas

A floral arrangement becomes positively frightening when covered in creepy cobwebs. To make the webs, cut a 5-inch section from inexpensive or damaged white panty hose, and pull apart until it becomes wispy and resembles cobwebs. Stretch the material over a cluster of dark blooms (we used crimson roses and dahlias, as well as some fiddlehead ferns). Set on a sideboard, or on a dining table as a centerpiece.
A selection of sunny sweets is even more tempting when displayed in glass containers with cheerful labels.
When the sun goes down, set a spooky scene with these dramatic lanterns made from simple supplies and our exclusive clip-art designs.
Give guests (and neighbors) a scare with curtains that reveal a scary figure lurking indoors.
These creepy, crawly paper mice are not so nice. Stick these unsavory critters on stair risers, baseboards, or any spot where they might give unsuspecting passersby a little jump.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Purple Wedding Invitations Ideas

When purple is the bride's favorite color, designing a purple wedding invitation might be a given. There is nothing quite like a royally-beautiful, violet announcement inviting guests to celebrate with the couple. The bride and groom can follow the standard formalities of sending invitations while being cost-effective in creating the invitations. Handmade invitations will allow them to capitalize on their preferences. Here are some purple wedding invitations ideas for you.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pink Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Whether it is a wedding or a birthday party, decorations are the main feature of any party. The decorations generally vary from occasion to occasion, they are also based on the theme of the party. However one part of any party that has to be there in every party is an attractive centerpiece! As the name suggests, centerpiece are obviously kept in center of the dining table, though they are only on dining tables, centerpieces increase the beauty of the entire party hall. It is one of the first things that guests notice after entering the party hall. People are of course well aware of this fact which is why you see beautiful centerpieces in every party. However most of them are either made of flowers or candles, no doubt both of them are beautiful, however they have become too common now.Here are some pink centerpieces ideas for your big day.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Things That Would Be a Plus for Grooms

This shiny new take on the traditional lapel flower is an instant heirloom. Have a metal disc engraved for your fiance with your initials and wedding date. Then sew it to a ribbon bow and glue or sew the fabric to a flat-back safety pin (at craft stores).
These handsome cuff links are actually metal shank buttons we had engraved. You can also sew the fancy buttons in place of plain ones on a shirt or jacket.
Offer your fiance's groomsmen a range of tie colors so they don't look too matchy-matchy. Pick different shades in the same color family -- from vibrant red to soft peach, for instance. That way the group appears coordinated, but each guy looks unique.
For a modern take on men's formalwear, have your groom skip the bow tie and rental tuxedo, and opt instead for a classic, single-breasted black suit and tie. Finish off with a crisp white dress shirt, cap-toe leather oxfords, suspenders, smoky onyx cuff links, and a pocket square, and, voila, the perfect wedding attire. And with just a few adjustments (nix the pocket square and the cuff links), presto, his outfit is transformed into one that he can wear to parties -- even to other weddings at any time of day.

Destination Wedding Save-the-Dates

Sure, you could hire a plane to trail an aerial banner broadcasting your wedding date, and invite your friends and family over to watch it fly by. But posting these 3-D announcements is far more practical (and just as creative). Plus, your invitees will love opening the tiny envelope to reveal your happy news. While the airplane motif is apt for a destination wedding, these cards are also suited for local celebrations.
For a destination event, this is one of the first steps in the process. After all, your guests have a trip to book! Inform them of your plans about six months before the big day. Choose a card that captures the spirit of your location and also provides plenty of space for important travel information. One of these colorful retro-inspired announcements is just the ticket.
Send your guests a heads-up -- and an altitude adjustment -- in the form of a paper airplane. The look is playful and hip (use our online clip art for the plane and the envelope liner), and the response will be pure childlike glee. Postage stamps
The vast majority of destination weddings are held Stateside. With that in mind, we created these two America-happy postcards that put your big day -- and your personal touch -- on the map.
Direct guests to your wedding with this fun compass-inspired card that helps them find reasons to attend: When they spin the bottom portion of the card, they'll see all the activities they'll be enjoying

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How to Plan a Black and White Themed Wedding

The theme of a wedding is often a reflection of the bride and groom's personalities. If the two are elegant and classic, a black and white theme might be something to consider. A wedding with a black and white motif is often considered standard enough to please the traditionalists, but different enough to allow for a touch of distinctive, yet stylish, creativity. There are many details of a wedding that can be adjusted to meet the chic black and white theme you desire.

Choose black and white wedding invitations. Invitations set the mood for a wedding, and your crisp black and white ones make a statement and introduce your wedding's theme.

Choose your bridal gown carefully. Of course a pure white dress works well with a black and white motif, but if you feel comfortable with the idea of wearing a dress that is white with black trim, it will certainly add to the overall theme.

Decide what color the groom's tuxedo will be. A traditional black tuxedo will work and is an especially good choice if the wedding dress is pure white. A white tuxedo with black pinstripes may complement a white wedding dress with black trim. Be sure to use photos to determine what tuxedo would look best with the wedding dress you choose.

Select black and white bridesmaid dresses. Generally, black dresses with white trim or designs are the best option because a white dress with black trim might clash with the wedding dress.

Choose flower colors that complement a black and white wedding theme. Maroon, red, bright pink or light blue are all very good complementary color choices. A bouquet that consists of one of these colors and white will enhance a black and white themed wedding.

Look at different wedding cake designs. Many wedding cake decorators will have examples of black and white wedding cakes they have done in the past. If there are no examples, provide the wedding cake decorator with your own.

Talk to the decorator about your wedding decor. White or black tablecloths and chair sashes are both things to consider. Look for ways to incorporate black and white into your placeholders and centerpieces.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Striped and Polka Dot Wedding Ideas

Considering the lined petals of these lady slippers (mixed with ranunculus and roses), Mother Nature has a thing for stripes, too. For extra impact, use an iron to pleat a striped ribbon like this vintage one
Most confections show their stripes only after they've been cut. This one from M. Robin Cakes gets the point across sans knife. Wondering where the frosting is hiding? The answer is inside. The outer layers of sponge cake are filled with mousses of different flavors.

For a new spin on stripes, create 3-D lines instead of flat patterns by securing creased vellum around simple votives with double-sided tape.

At cocktail hour, pass bite-size bread stacked with creamy goat cheese and slices of raw Chioggia beets.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Butterfly-Inspired Wedding Ideas

A billowing cloud of tulle is an irresistible spot for a flock of "papillons" -- wired loosely to the fabric -- to rest their delicate wings.

These decorative treats, a recipe from Karen Porter of Tilly's Cakes, make the perfect dessert to serve at bridal showers and outdoor weddings.
Paper butterflies alight on the rims of champagne glasses, staying still just long enough for guests to find their seats.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Funny wedding ideas for you

Looking for some funny wedding ceremony ideas? You can utilize the unconventional wedding themes quite humorously. How? Think of characters from cartoon shows, sitcoms and movies that have made people laugh forever. You can prepare masks of the comical characters and wear them on your wedding. Dress up accordingly and create an ambiance that will complement the theme. Design the costumes and wear similar makeup to emulate the characters exactly. The preparations for hosting a funny wedding theme are definitely big and so for the costumes. However, your efforts will never go in vain when both of you share the moments of fun together and also with the people present in your wedding ceremony. Here are some funny themes that you can choose from.
  • Shrek - Princess Fiona
  • Marriage Woe Themes
  • Superhero Themes
  • Lily Tomlin - Charlie Chaplin (vintage!)
  • Marge Simpson - Homer Simpson