Monday, September 24, 2012

Destination Wedding Save-the-Dates

Sure, you could hire a plane to trail an aerial banner broadcasting your wedding date, and invite your friends and family over to watch it fly by. But posting these 3-D announcements is far more practical (and just as creative). Plus, your invitees will love opening the tiny envelope to reveal your happy news. While the airplane motif is apt for a destination wedding, these cards are also suited for local celebrations.
For a destination event, this is one of the first steps in the process. After all, your guests have a trip to book! Inform them of your plans about six months before the big day. Choose a card that captures the spirit of your location and also provides plenty of space for important travel information. One of these colorful retro-inspired announcements is just the ticket.
Send your guests a heads-up -- and an altitude adjustment -- in the form of a paper airplane. The look is playful and hip (use our online clip art for the plane and the envelope liner), and the response will be pure childlike glee. Postage stamps
The vast majority of destination weddings are held Stateside. With that in mind, we created these two America-happy postcards that put your big day -- and your personal touch -- on the map.
Direct guests to your wedding with this fun compass-inspired card that helps them find reasons to attend: When they spin the bottom portion of the card, they'll see all the activities they'll be enjoying

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