Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How to Plan a Black and White Themed Wedding

The theme of a wedding is often a reflection of the bride and groom's personalities. If the two are elegant and classic, a black and white theme might be something to consider. A wedding with a black and white motif is often considered standard enough to please the traditionalists, but different enough to allow for a touch of distinctive, yet stylish, creativity. There are many details of a wedding that can be adjusted to meet the chic black and white theme you desire.

Choose black and white wedding invitations. Invitations set the mood for a wedding, and your crisp black and white ones make a statement and introduce your wedding's theme.

Choose your bridal gown carefully. Of course a pure white dress works well with a black and white motif, but if you feel comfortable with the idea of wearing a dress that is white with black trim, it will certainly add to the overall theme.

Decide what color the groom's tuxedo will be. A traditional black tuxedo will work and is an especially good choice if the wedding dress is pure white. A white tuxedo with black pinstripes may complement a white wedding dress with black trim. Be sure to use photos to determine what tuxedo would look best with the wedding dress you choose.

Select black and white bridesmaid dresses. Generally, black dresses with white trim or designs are the best option because a white dress with black trim might clash with the wedding dress.

Choose flower colors that complement a black and white wedding theme. Maroon, red, bright pink or light blue are all very good complementary color choices. A bouquet that consists of one of these colors and white will enhance a black and white themed wedding.

Look at different wedding cake designs. Many wedding cake decorators will have examples of black and white wedding cakes they have done in the past. If there are no examples, provide the wedding cake decorator with your own.

Talk to the decorator about your wedding decor. White or black tablecloths and chair sashes are both things to consider. Look for ways to incorporate black and white into your placeholders and centerpieces.

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