Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Striped and Polka Dot Wedding Ideas

Considering the lined petals of these lady slippers (mixed with ranunculus and roses), Mother Nature has a thing for stripes, too. For extra impact, use an iron to pleat a striped ribbon like this vintage one
Most confections show their stripes only after they've been cut. This one from M. Robin Cakes gets the point across sans knife. Wondering where the frosting is hiding? The answer is inside. The outer layers of sponge cake are filled with mousses of different flavors.

For a new spin on stripes, create 3-D lines instead of flat patterns by securing creased vellum around simple votives with double-sided tape.

At cocktail hour, pass bite-size bread stacked with creamy goat cheese and slices of raw Chioggia beets.

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