Monday, September 24, 2012

Things That Would Be a Plus for Grooms

This shiny new take on the traditional lapel flower is an instant heirloom. Have a metal disc engraved for your fiance with your initials and wedding date. Then sew it to a ribbon bow and glue or sew the fabric to a flat-back safety pin (at craft stores).
These handsome cuff links are actually metal shank buttons we had engraved. You can also sew the fancy buttons in place of plain ones on a shirt or jacket.
Offer your fiance's groomsmen a range of tie colors so they don't look too matchy-matchy. Pick different shades in the same color family -- from vibrant red to soft peach, for instance. That way the group appears coordinated, but each guy looks unique.
For a modern take on men's formalwear, have your groom skip the bow tie and rental tuxedo, and opt instead for a classic, single-breasted black suit and tie. Finish off with a crisp white dress shirt, cap-toe leather oxfords, suspenders, smoky onyx cuff links, and a pocket square, and, voila, the perfect wedding attire. And with just a few adjustments (nix the pocket square and the cuff links), presto, his outfit is transformed into one that he can wear to parties -- even to other weddings at any time of day.

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